fiberglass full race fairing - racer 2
fiberglass full race fairing - racer 2


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replica fiberglass racing fairing from the vintage days of 50cc moped racing!

this one as seen in the photo R.2 has a much shorter cut away for your frame or engine configuration.


-- the quality of this fairing is not perfect. it's really nice, just not perfect. it's unfinished, so you gotta prep and paint it yourself.

-- these fairings come in a variety of primer colors which we cannot control, therefore your fairing will come in whatever color we have available. no whiney, no picky, no choosey. they are mostly the grey color shown, but there are some in mauve/beige. there is no mounting hardware included with this, you will have to figure that out yourself.

-these fairings obviously qualify for free shipping due to the price. if you choose free ship, we'll email you and ask to split the cost of shipping as they are incredibly labor intensive to package properly and end up costing us $60+ dollars to ship. ALSO please try and order the fairing by itself if possible...just dont buy like a pair of forks n shocks n wheels with it cause it will super suck to box. <3 shipping department

about 28" long

16" wide at widest part

get the wind screen HERE!

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