farmer jon feldman's lawnmower handlebars - BLACK
farmer jon feldman's lawnmower handlebars - BLACK



7/8" moped size rabbit ear aka farmer jon chopper bars. for real farmers with REAL gardens like jon. if you don't know a thing or two about plantz you may want to look elsewhere

already the perfect length pretty much! you could cut em down a lil if ya really wanted.

width = 17.5"
rise = 9"
pullback = a lot
clamp mount width = 3.75"

for really chopperin out any bike!!

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5 of 5 Wut a legend August 28, 2020
taco eater : Andy from Detroit, crudsville U.S.EYHHHHHH  
This guys the real farmin’ deal. I saw Jon hollow out a AV7 cashew like a horny 17 yo eating a tapioca cup. Dude one time gave me a seltzer and said “people used to make fun of us for drinking these, but they are low calorie, get you fucked, and taste like fruit.”. He’s also a real mans man and told me I wasn’t special because I have hand tattoos. What a dream boat!!!!

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