metragas GIANT MUFFLER RACING pipe - derbi or hacker special!
derbi variant metragas GIANT MUFFLER RACING pipe

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this is not yer mama's muffler racing! giant 30mm header, biggest ever seen on a moped pipe! for derbi flatreed variant by metrakit by technigas very solid quality construction, identical to the original mk version!

mounts on the right side!

this will not bolt on to a piston port or pyramid reed without welding a lil bracket...hobbit dudes go very fast with this pipe i hear...hack n weld n enjoi these MIGHT come with a technigas decal (not applied)

no "muffler racing" comic sans sticker :( sry. they also might not come with any stickers.

**there are some scratches and some light surface rust on these pipes! nothing crazy bad. they've been shipped thousands of miles across the world in a box with no packing. such is life. no whining!**

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5 of 5 Measurements March 16, 2024
taco eater : DGH from Wpg., MB Canada  
Hi. Can anyone tell me the approximate total length of this exhaust? Thanks

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5 of 5 Luv it February 14, 2024
taco eater : Luke Martin from Uncasville, CT United States  
It’s great. Hacked it onto a 25mm puch header. It’s playing in a band with a treats reed kit and a cp21. I’m very happy. Super consistent. Think I have 17/45 gearing. Pretty much going 50 on any pitch. I like it so much I have 4 of them. One is on a derestricted variant sport. That bikes likes it too.

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5 of 5 Hack an Weld October 26, 2023
taco eater : Op1zilla from Louisiana  
Big Fat Pipe I had chopped up to fit my motorized bicycle frame, with slip flange header mount looks an sound Amazing    🚲💥💨💨💨💨💨                         👽👍🏻

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5 of 5 very very fast pipe April 29, 2021
taco eater : william caldwell from san francisco, CA United States  
do not let the biturbo esque chamber fool you...this pipe hauls ass on flat reed!! on par with the blue baffle.

this pipe plus a 15mm sha and some reeds got my sle-x up into the mid 50s with the stock cylinder. amazing!!

the flange is kinda annoyingly large BUT the pipe is cheap so ya kinda just gotta deal with it.

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5 of 5 perfect for the DS50 October 2, 2016
taco eater : parker bowab from new york, NY United States  
I purchased the turbo pipe that was designed for the DS50, and quickly trashed it for this guy. Just buy it, dummy
Bolts up without any modification. Did NOT come with anything extra. No gasket, hardware, or (dumb) sticker

The angle of the stock mount on this pipe doesn't match the motor. After ripping this pipe for a few weeks, and bottoming out/exhaust leaking constantly I had to resort to hack and weld. Def cut off the stupid loose flange and shorten the header by an inch. Weld it all back together and make a new mount. You lose a little performance—but still infinitely better than the other pipes designed for the DS

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