derbi pp/pr race crank ***BUDGET hackR special***
derbi piston port/pyramid reed race crank BUDGET hackR special

alternate reality price $19.99


derbi piston port/pyramid reed aluminum stuffed race crank shaft. unfortunately, there were some complications and they are a hair wider than the stock.

lobe width = 43.10mm (check your existing crank width!! it's possible that it may just magically fit in your piston port or pyramid reed?!?!)

con rod = 90mm from center of journal to center of small end (approximately)

12mm wrist pin


you will either need to:

A. machine the cases out a lil bit to accommodate the extra width
B. lathe the crank down to bring it back to normal width
C. harvest the con rod and use it on something
D. have a really cool $20 paper weight for your desk/cubicle
E. make some sick steampunk art with it
F. press it apart, turn down the lobes and make 2 very cool espresso hand tampers
G. conversation piece at water tank
H. make it fit in hobbit cases for a stroker hobbit!!
I. make it fit in something else cause your a moped guru and it's 20 bucks!!!
J. ???????

takes a standard 6203 ignition side bearing and 6303 clutch side bearing.

these are some old sample cranks which were unearthed from the depths of the past future and present.

they have no correlation with any other crank we sell cause all the other cranks we sell are perfect in every way.

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5 of 5 D December 21, 2017
taco eater : Ninja from New York, NY United States  
I choose D Alex...H would also be equally as cool

"D. have a really cool $20 paper weight for your desk/cubicle"

P.S. "H. make it fit in hobbit cases for a stroker hobbit!!"

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