derbi moped CDI complete safari pack
derbi moped CDI complete pack



here's what ya get in this PARTYYY!:

complete CDI pack for derbi mopeds, variant, laguna, RD50. . . - it includes everything shown - the stator, the magneto, and the high rpm cdi box n 12 volt coil combo!

**this is a safari pack, requires some dremeling to be done to the stator to mount, then you're set, instructions below thanks to the cuperteens**

this is for piston port or pyramid reed engines not for flat reed engines, for flat reed use the puch E50 pack

specify in the notes if you would like version I or version II CDI box and we may accommodate you, stock permitting.

12 volts / 50 watts of pulsing power

This version includes the ZA50 box, which can be made to work with any variation of derbi engine, like the cuperteens say below use a timing light and get it right, depending on if you are flat reed, pyramid reed, or piston port you might have to flip the coil .. or not. move the pick up...or not. most importantly, have fun!

from cuperteenland hmm. this is how you do it.

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5 of 5 This goes on Tomos APN4 too! April 16, 2018
taco eater : Tomos Ingineer from Sodrazica, Slovenia  
I was sceptic about putting it on a tuned Tomos APN but it revs like crazy, had to flip the coil 180 and mount the pickup on the other side, and then it fired up no problem.
Will see how long it works, hope it lasts forever :D

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