derbi flat reed transmission lightening kit
derbi flat reed transmission lightening kit


ever want to get rid of that stupid pedal mode function on your derbi flat reed motor? well, NOW you can! with this kit you will be able to completely eliminate the pedal mode function on your flat reed motor while also lightening up your tranny a bit, hey who doesn't like lightening up there tranny right? I mean, come on man its lighter!

comes with a set screw for blocking the pedal shaft selector switch hole. you'll need to tap it out to m12 x 1.75 and loctite it in there...but if you are looking at this listing and have actually read to this point, you already knew that.

check this very helpful VIDEO out for further insight!

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5 of 5 you want this. September 27, 2012
taco eater : Ryan Nash from Columbia, MO United States  
especially if you are trying to make your flat reed go 60mph+ which is very easy to do.  the little paw can break apart inside the case and put an end to your happiness.

do this and forget about it... stay happy.

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