derbi flat reed PEAK performance pipe - blue
derbi flat reed PEAK performance pipe - blue

alternate reality price $169.99


wowza, a true race pipe for derbi flat reed!! this pipe is an absolute high rpm killer. completely amazing when paired with a 47mm metrakit.

slip fit header for ease of mounting and adjustability. you will however need to remove your center stand for this pipe to fit. no biggie

the rear mount is definitely going to need a bracket running to the bottom shock mount or elsewhere on the swingarm

slip hit stinger/baffle so you can rip all day at the track with it off and then put it on for quieter times

comes out on the right side!

28mm ID header
flange bolt hole spacing = 45mm center to center
stud holes are slightly slotted measuring 7mm x 9mm long
the stud pattern on the flange fits derbi perfecto

available in many beautiful colors. they are guaranteed to have scratches and nicks in the paint from their long journey around the world to treats.

the paint is guaranteed to discolor/flake off around the header area with use. this is normal!

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