derbi flat reed 65cc metrakit cylinder kit
derbi flat reed 65cc metrakit cylinder kit

alternate reality price $299.99


there must be a zombie apocalypse because all of these kits are returning from the scared...

porting is crazy, that exhaust..i dont know know whats going on there. some sort of next level oil pooling ports? balkan tech BDC booster. more boost than a 17 year old kid from new jersey in a civic hatch

super blaster potential, comes with all you need to plop it on like
piston, wrist pin, clips, rings, and gaskets!!

has some strange jet too, hmm

clear straight forward brappage


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ripper June 6, 2019
taco eater : william caldwell from san francisco, CA United States  
this kit is my new favorite flatreed kit. it's got such a broad powerband and is just so dang reliable. seize it over and over again without fear cuz its cast iron!! use morini 43.5mm airsal pistons in it for cheap replacements.

the best way to describe it is its like a hobbit DR kit that's a hair more revvy. im running mine with a 15 sha and matched intake, metrakit carbon fiber reed, the matching metrakit 43.5 head and a metrakit blue baffle pipe and it does 55 all day and gets there super fast. prolly could go 60+ with taller than stock gearing and/or a real carb but who cares fast bikes are for losers.

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