derbi flat reed airsal 65cc kit - 44mm
derbi flat reed airsal 65cc kit - 44mm




very rad derbi flat reed airsal 44mm 65cc nikasil aluminum cylinder kit for flat reed engines, yay this kit is very nice, comes with a dual ringed piston, rings, wrist pin and clips + metal head gasket. sorry, no base gasket on this one but you can make one right? or just get these and use the 44mm head gasket included with the kit.

***note this kit does not work with the stock head!! the bore is too large for the decomp channel in the head so ya don't get any compression. you'll need to block off the decomp or get a different head. good thing we have 47mm metrakit heads that work perfectly with this kit.***

6 auxiliary ports and a nice big ol' exhaust port. this kit is a wonder, so much room to explore with a dremel to make it go go go gooo goooo gooooo fasttttt!!! p.s. this kit likes to be on a peugeot with a lil help, base plate riser and some fin and case shaving. totally worth the work if you have the time and experience to do it.


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5 of 5 Feed the beast May 10, 2019
taco eater : Mike v from Enon, OH United States  
With a stock carb, stock Revo pipe I was seeing a consistent 40mph with good torque on a ds50.
Upgraded to a 20mm phbg, and man it's a smooth quick ride all the way to 50mph. Still has more to give too. And this is all on a stock pipe. So rad.

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5 of 5 supreme rippage April 28, 2015
taco eater : Andy Swoop from Atlanta, GA United States  
WOW! This kit is a RIPPER. Comes a hair on the conservatively ported side, mostly due to how small the exhaust port is on the flange, but 30 minutes with a dremel and it is a very very mean kit. If you wanted to spend some serious porting time I have no doubt this would be the fastest derbi kit.

Out of the box, the casting and finish quality is impeccable, waaaay better than the metra 43.5 or 47. You don't even need to chamfer the ports, they're already buttery smooth.

x2 what Willie said, hands down the best kept secret in Derbis and probably the best Derbi kit over-all.

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5 of 5 best kit for flat reed shhhhh December 16, 2014
taco eater : Will caldwell from san francisco, CA United States  
secret....this is the best kit for flat reed. i put like a billion miles on one (seriously like 6k HELLA dubs miles with large men on the back) and its still gonna slap so new rings on it and keep rippin it.

oh yeah i used this kit on the transamerica  trail ride on my start 5 motor....perfect balance of torque/top end/gas mileage/reliability. 47mm metra is sick but thats blehhh it'll just break ya know.

this kit though, wow. rips forever.

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