dellorto tomos A55 17.5mm PHVA ED carburetor
dellorto tomos carburetor

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dellorto 17.5mm PHVA carburetor for the tomos A55 engines, yeahhh. you could use this on something else probably, but hmm why o why? this is the direct bolt in bolt on go go go carb for the A55, total perfecto replacement from your small lil one. what comes on those things? like 12.5mm? ohh vile. fits right in n on with your oil injection and all those goodies. yep.

PHVA air filter mounting diameter = 35mm

use a rubber coupler mount like this to mount to the intake

uses 6mm dellorto jets

this carb will "generally" come with the following : 65 main jet, 34 idle jet, 50 start jet, a7 needle, 40 slide

dont come with chokes anymore. use your old one or get a new one.

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4 of 5 Is it better then phbg? October 15, 2021
taco eater : Edgar Massey from El Cajon, CA United States  
Hard to tell I run the 17.5 phva and the 19 phbg and after measuring and checking its possible the phva flows more? Hard to tell but it seems that the phva opens to 20-21mmish  after the slide. While phbg is 19ishmm. Both are very easy to tune.

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3 of 5 no excuse to not get this. July 29, 2018
taco eater : Conan from Myrtle beach, sc  
this is a perfect bolt on, or beginner carb for added performance and better throttle response and range. get some jets and get some spark plugs and start tuning. I would challenge any beginner let alone anyone that looks at this carb to check out a PHBG or a TM flat slide to make a ripper.

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5 of 5 awesome! September 5, 2017
taco eater : Paul S from Troy, NC United States  
fits and works like it should

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5 of 5 This carb is worth it August 12, 2013
taco eater : biknut from farmers branch, TX United States  
Before trying this carb on my Tomos Sprint, I had already installed a 22T sprocket, Cali pipe, opened the air box, and changed the springs in my clutch. Top speed is 41-42 on level ground, and now it's still about the same but, after running this carb for 2 minutes I would never go back to the stock carb. It gives my bike a noticeable improvement in the mid range, and the throttle response is also greatly improved. Acceleration in traffic is way better. Stock it was cold blooded after start up, but not anymore. The jetting as it comes in the box works well for my bike, and it fits exactly like the stock carb.

I have to admit though, it didn't change my top speed any, but the improved mid range and throttle response is well worth the trouble. I'm guessing that at high speed the stock intake manifold is a restriction for this carb. With a bigger manifold this carb will probably improve the top speed too.

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4 of 5 i am getting this carb September 17, 2012
taco eater : Zachary Winkle from Chico , CA United States  
and i already know its going to be a bunch better.. i just am wondering if my pod filter?
is gunna be an ok match with it. feedback?

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