dellorto SHA carburetor PLASTIC slide for 14mm - 16mm carbs
dellorto SHA carburetor PLASTIC slide


dellorto SHA slide

dellorto SHA carburetor plastic slides!

now available in these sizes - 11 and 12!

for sizes like 14.12, 15.15, 16.16 . ..

new 15mm SHA cable/lever choke carbs generally come with a #12 plastic slide.

NOTE!!! if the size/color/make that you want is not showing up in the drop down menu above, that means it's out of stock for now. you'll have to find an alternate size/color/make or wait til the one ya want is back in stock! sry!

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3 of 5 WHoa SHA TUNING December 11, 2013
taco eater : Will Daloz from Atlanta, GA United States  
Umm, got one of these randomly (the 12)
with a proper tuned main jet it makes my bottom end turn into ridiculously rich. like unusably.
SO. is this a bad thing?
NOPE, I mean it's obvious it has an effect.
so if you're lean lowend, tune your slide!

To say it was bad would be like saying "my bike ran great til I put the wrong jet in it, jets are bad, they make my bike suck"

It works. 12 riches lowend. there ya go!

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