dellorto SHA 16.16 carburetor with cable choke
dellorto SHA 16.16 carburetor cable


Aan upgrade from the stock carb on most mopeds - easily usable on peugeot 103, motobecane, minarelli, garelli, tomos, puch...just make sure you get the right intake if ya need one or the right shim. this 16mm in this listing is for the larger size outer diameter intakes (19mm outer diameter) that means it come with a 1mm shim in it. as found on lotsa bikes, measure that thing man!. check it out before you buy.

this is the cable choke version.

comes with a 70 dellorto main jet!

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Great Carb July 19, 2017
taco eater : Cube860 from West Hartford, CT United States  
Do not run this diddler on a stock motobecane av7.  Bolted err up to my 50v, never ran properly with stock exhaust, airsal 50 kit, or with doppler pipe.

Not saying the carb is a bad guy or anything, he just doesn't get along with 50v.  He did not like my couch.

Buy the sha 15.15 carb!!!

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Alright for Moby, not perfect July 10, 2014
taco eater : George Sass from Somerville, MA United States  
It's a SHA, so it's easy to work on and has few points of failure.  On a moby, routing the choke and throttle cables is a huge pain.  If you have the choice, go for a lever-choke SHA (cleaner-looking, slightly nicer banjo/fuel-line barb thingy).  If you already got this, get a shorty cable adjuster and save yourself the pain of trying to route all those cables n bendies.  Either way, consider the race bowl so you can change jets without worrying about pouring gas all over.

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its like the stock one, but bigger!!! July 31, 2010
taco eater : Quatto from suburbia  
its an SHA, ya turkey. just re-jet and go go go! This is the correct option for n00bs who wanna bolt on a kit and rip. easy to tune. hard to screw up. just buy it you doofus. for your health.

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fits great on my moby June 5, 2010
taco eater : Tim Seward from San Francisco, CA United States  
kind of a bitch to install going from a gurtner to this dell.. The gurtner gave me most the fuss actually with both cable removals but for a motobecane the throttle and chock set up seems a bit crossed which is annoying from an aesthetic point of view. The 16:16 fit super snug on the stock moby intake so the shim was correct, but could of been the guys at treat hooking that up for me..

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