dellorto SHA 15.15 carburetor with cable choke
dellorto SHA 15.15 carburetor


an upgrade from the stock carb on most mopeds - easily usable on peugeot 103, motobecane, minarelli, garelli, tomos, puch...just make sure you get the right intake if ya need one or the right shim. this 15mm in this listing is for the larger size outer diameter intakes (19mm outer diameter) as found on lotsa bikes, measure that thing man!. check it out before you buy this is the cable choke version.

if you're ride n tomos get this shim too

comes with a 70 dellorto main jet!

comes with a 12 plastic slide!

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5 of 5 This is Yuge. February 4, 2020
taco eater : shman from North Hollywood, CA United States  
I mean, 15 is bigger than stock 12 on Derbi Flatreed, right? The ID on the mount is bigger than stock, keep that in mind. fits nice on teh MLM flatreed intake out the box.

Most definitly comes with a 68 main jet, NOT 70

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5 of 5 don't do clone! June 10, 2019
taco eater : brandon from oakland, CA United States  
ran an arbeo 15.15 'clone' for a long time, just dealt with intermittent stalling at stop lights and bogging down when cruising fast. bolted this on (did not touch  throttle/choke cables/jet/intake) and all my woes have left me. running kitted mbk av7.

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5 of 5 Amazeballs!! May 17, 2019
taco eater : Dan P from Minnesota, United States  
I have an '83 Trac Eagle with a Laura M56 which, admittingly, doesn't have a ton of aftermarket options. However, MLM makes an intake (or you could fab your own) that allows you to drop this carb on it, replacing the temperamental (to put it nicely) Encarwi H12 that comes on these.

Wow, what an amazing upgrade. This thing really makes an M56 zip. If you're working on a ped with an M56 (Trac or Batavus), I *highly* recommend rolling this setup. Thing fires up in a half a kick now. Bump start on flats, just all around go. After a couple plug chops, the stock jet seems to be exactly what this motor wants as well. I plan to put a pipe on this at some point, which is definitely going to require upjetting, but until then imma rip.

Here's the intake I'm referring to:

Sure it costs a couple bucks, but the reliability is so worth it over that tired Encarwi.

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5 of 5 simple, fast May 23, 2018
taco eater : Kenneth Hill from Arnold, MD United States  
I've come to love these carbs. One "note" though, the 2 I've bought came with a 68 jet (not the 70 the ad copy says.

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4 of 5 Got 2 - 1978 Motobecane 7 and 1980 Sachs Suburban October 11, 2014
taco eater : Dan K from Chicago, IL United States  
Fits on the Motobecane 7 with the shim that comes with the carb. With removed air filter, 70cc Parma, stock exhaust, main jet should be in the 68 to 72 range.

Dremel'd stock Sachs 505/1D intake to match port when flipped forward. The shim is too tight. A 0.5mm shim would probably work if it exists. I just cut a strip of aluminum from a pop (soda, cola) can. 2 wraps seems to do it. No air filter, Giannelli pipe, #65 main jet seems to be about right.

These jets:

and these jets:

should cover pretty much anything you wanna do with this carb. Just sell or give away (what I did) the jets you won't need for good karma or whatever.

Here it is on the Sachs:

Here it is on the Motobecane:

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