dellorto SHA 13.13 carburetor for vespa mopeds - rod style choke
dellorto SHA 13.13 carburetor for vespa mopeds - rod style choke



dellorto 13.13 carburetor for vespa & kinetic mopeds. this is the largest and as well the only performance carburetor upgrade for vespa mopeds unless you get crazy and get the polini reed engine with 19mm phbg, yikes. this will fit perfectly, instantly, easily onto vespa ciao, bravo & grande. kinetic users, no problem. it is a very simple switch as well. all dellorto jets also available. this is an authentic dellorto 13.13. hmm, this is interesting this carb also fits on a batavus m48 engine as long as it has an encarwi intake, thats pretty cool!

**this style has a lil choke lever with a hole in it! its for later model vespa piaggios like citta and superbravo. there's a small plastic bushing that fits in the hole on the choke lever where a metal rod choke deal fits in all perfecto like

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No need for a cylinder kit August 13, 2014
taco eater : Robert from nova scotia from Windsor , NS Canada  
I put this carburetor on with a speedy stock sito, 66 jet i think, high flow air filter and a new pulley and belt ,45 mph on a stock engine. Insane

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I feel the differance August 12, 2011
taco eater : Chris from Seattle  
I have a 64cc kit and the new carb with a polini filter. It is all good but running rich. I don't know what the stock jet is but I have ordered some new ones to tune it in. Word of advice is ... get some new jets to fit your application at the same time.. See Benji's note on jets with a link to an application spreadsheet..

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13.13 or bust July 15, 2011
taco eater : Rory from Vancouver Island  
Replace my old sludged up stock carb for this on my bravo. This is the carb to get for vespas if performance is your goal. Only problem is on my bravo the choke lever doesn't go all the way down (about half way down) because the swing arm is in the way, but nothing a mod cant fix.

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