dellorto SHA 12.10 carburetor for vespa piaggio + kinetic mopeds
dellorto SHA 12.12 carburetor


dellorto 12.10 carburetor for vespa & kinetic mopeds. this is stock carb on some vespa mopeds. check yours and see, might be an upgrade! this will fit perfectly, instantly, easily onto vespa ciao, bravo & grande. kinetic users, no problem. it is a very simple switch as well. all dellorto jets also available. this is an authentic dellorto 12.10. hmm, this is interesting this carb also fits on a batavus m48 engine as long as it has an encarwi intake, thats pretty cool!

includes a #48 jet and a 25g float

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Stocko March 31, 2011
taco eater : heywood jablome from pennsylvania  
theres one of these on my ciao and my friends ciao, we ride stock for the time being.  both have all original parts, dont leak, and are from 77 and 74 respectively.  will work forever and ever if you like going reliably slow

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