dellorto PHBG 19mm AD carburetor
dellorto PHBG 19mm AD carburetor



dellorto PHBG AD 19mm the AD edition of PHBG carbs are the similar the AS or CS clamp style but they have the idle and mixture screws on the other side. some of these have bendys some do not, so it will be a surprise for ya. 19mm - clamp style - pull choke - idle and mixture on opposite side very useful on certain mopeds these carbs have three jets, cable choke, air mixture screw, and endless tuning opportunities thanks to a wide variety of needles, throttle slides, jets, etc. this one comes stock with an AU atomizer, the one you want! main - 85 idle - 50 atomizer - 262 AU start - 60 needle - W7 slide - 40

note this now comes with a RACE style top cap that threads on instead of bolting on!! score!

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