dellorto 17.5mm PHVA TS carburetor for tomos A55
dellorto 17.5mm PHVA TS carburetor



dellorto 17.5mm PHVA TS carburetor with lots of inlets and adjusters for the tomos A55 engines, not sure about all the amazing things this carburetor can do, it's got to be insane! uuuuuuuughghghhhg. you could use this on something else probably, but hmm why o why? this is the direct bolt in bolt on go go go carb for the A55, total perfecto replacement from your small lil one. what comes on those things? like 12.5mm? ohh vile. fits right in n on with your oil injection and all those goodies. yep. doesn't come with a choke lever. so you can find one here

PHVA air filter mounting diameter = 35mm

use a rubber coupler mount like this to mount to the intake

uses 6mm dellorto jets

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35mm Air intake diameter.

24mm rubber sleeve type engine connection.

Oil feed connection.

No choke mechanism fitted.

Standard jetting

40 Slide
A20 Needle
211GA Atomiser
80 Main jet
38 Idle jet
45 Choke jet

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