DEADPED sachs intake spacer
deadped sachs intake spacer + decomp bolt party


intake spacer for 505/1C, 505/1D and the athena 70cc piston port kit and any other flat intake port sachs cylinder. Port window made is for C/D cylinders and can be dremeled out to match the port on the 70cc piston port cylinder.

****THIS WILL NOT work on 505/1A, 505/1B and the athena 80cc piston port kit or any other ANGLED intake port sachs cylinder****

this riser will allow you to use amal, PHBG and round bing type carbs on sachs.
amal - shim must be modified
PHBG - use clamp style phbg and this shim
round bing - should fit most intakes

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Doesn't fit??? December 14, 2016
taco eater : Deadped Ryan from Nashville, TN United States  
Reading the reviews instead of the item description Eh?

These DO NOT work on 505/1A or 505/1B engines. They are for 505/1C and 505/1D engines only. They also work with the 70cc Athena cylinders.

I did not have access to a G3 frame to test fitment - only a General 5 star and prima frame.

As of December 2016, these have a revised profile, and now no longer require potential sanding to fit!

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Did Not Fit... December 5, 2013
taco eater : Richy from Fort Monroe, VA United States  

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great November 7, 2013
taco eater : Andrew Clark from Manchester, MI United States  
assemble onto stock intake w/ (2) x M6x1.0x40mm bolts

Will not allow you to use a SHA on a G3. I checked.

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Bolt works with 504 December 17, 2012
taco eater : Panda Mopeds from Amish country  
have the bolt installed on my Sachs Sundancer w/ a 504. Works great. Little thread lock and she doesn't leak. Waiting to use the intake riser though. No use for it yet.

*** EDIT: May just be the one i got but went to mount the riser on my D jug and she didn't fit. Had to take off some material off the the side that faces the front fins. Otherwise great product!

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My savior November 19, 2012
taco eater : Ascoute, Zeros from toledo, OH United States  
The quality on this is excellent! As nice as the round bings are the convenience of being able to use a sha/phbg is great, no need to buy more jets!  Not to mention letting that 2.8hp D jug breath a bit easier.

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