custom cut 45mm O-RING high compression head - for a35 tomos 45mm tomos ALUKITS - sport touring
custom cut stock like 45mm O-RING head- for a35 tomos 45mm alukits - sport touring



here's what ya get in this PARTYYY!:

CUSTOM cut sport touring head machined to match up with the A35 tomos 45mm alukit. not for a55!! no!!

has o-ring groove for solid head sealing against air leaks and better compression

this one is cut to sport touring specs meaning it has a pinch less compression and is more suited for your daily rider

**there may be some tiny minimal pitting in the dome created in the process of machining, but fear not as this shant affect your performance whatsoever**

also will make your ripper tomos look stock as can be with the sleek stock like head. did someone say super secret ripper?

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