custom cut 47mm high compression head - for 74cc GILARDONI kit - SUPER STREET
custom cut 47mm high compression head - for GILA - SUPER STREET



custom cut 47mm head specifically designed for the puch GILA kit. that's right!

deep in our moped lab we wondered: how we could possibly make the GILA any wilder? so we custom cut our gila heads to new ripper specs.

this one is cut to super street specs meaning it has a pinch more compression and is more suited for your ripper!

want a lil less compression? slap a slightly thicker base gasket on there!! want more compression? slap a slightly thinner base gasket on there! either way you are going to rippp!

***note that there is some very small pitting from the initial casting of the heads. it will not affect the performance do not fret***

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