complete honda HOBBIT pull start kit!! - for stock ignition
complete honda HOBBIT pull start kit!!

 :*sorry none today*

WOAH here's an awesome solution for those pesky start clutches we all hate!! a complete bolt n go pull start setup for your honda hobbit pa50i pa50ii camino etc! get that acceleration back!

pull start cover housing is made from 18 and 20 gauge steel for long lastin pullin performance.

keep in mind that this setup is for the stock ignition! we cannot say at the moment whether or not it will work with internal or mini rotor HPI setups!!

the only parts that you have to re-use from your bike are the original flywheel nut and top flywheel cover bolt!

please check out the mounting instructions here when yer installing it!

includes all the items in the photo above!!

NOTE the nut is metric thread but has a standard 11/16 hex head

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