cnc rotary disc side case half - RED - 56mm bore NO stud holes
cnc rotary disc side case half - RED - 56mm bore NO stud holes


new aluminum CNC'd vespa piaggio ROTARY DISC side case half!!! crazy!! take that slow vespa to the next level with this mindbogglingly advanced spinning disc technology.

WARNING!!! this is for gurus / masters ONLY. that's right. this will require countless hours of preparation and fitment to get it right. you must pass a test before purchasing this.

RED is for the true masters pushing the limit. it has no cylinder stud holes drilled / tapped in it and the largest case bore (56mm) for using scooter kits n more.

when running this on a stock case with a malossi full circle crank, you may need to dremel a lil bit of material away to allow proper clearance for the con rod. this setup has been tested and proven as a super ripper!! hmmm i can't remember but im pretty sure you can use this case half with a stock non-full circle crank. seems a lil weird though, i would highly suggest using a full circle crank for optimal performance.

note this will NOT work on malossi or polini evolution cases. it will however work on polini speed cases if boRED out to match them.

also note that there is no transfer cut into this!! this is awesome because you get can match it to the cylinder of your liking for optimal flow and shape.

also also note, you will need to cut away a portion of your frame/subframe for the reed block to clear. the aluminum CNC'd racing subframe already has the proper cutout though!!

intake bolt hole spacing = 48mm
intake opening = 21mm
case bore = 56mm

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