classy 4" mirror for seeing things - 8mm stem - L or R
classy 4" mirror for seeing things - 8mm stem



WOW a chrome mirror all heavy duty and stuff for only 10 buckaroos, now thats why im talkin about! trick your friends into thinking your moped will get valet service with this 4" mirror with 8" stem and 8mm x 1.25mm threading...screws into most moped handlebar control mirror sockets, too

use it left OR right, just flip the mirror part around!

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Excellent quality, difficult to adjust January 11, 2019
taco eater : Jason Bender from Fountain, CO United States  
These mirrors seem to be very durable, they’re heavy in the hand and nothing feels loose. The mirrors themselves are very difficult to adjust into just the right position for viewability, especially with such a small and round viewing window, plus the mirrors adjust by “sliding” around their post instead of pivoting around a ball joint like most mirrors, which severely limits their range of motion when adjusting. Overall not bad for a $10 mirror.

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