puch bing METAL hi flow filter
puch bing metal hi flow filter


bing hi flow filter metal style for hi air flowin on your bing 12mm 14mm or 15mm carbs.  Some people claim this fits under their side covers some say it won't, some cut a hole and make it look rad with just a lil metal poking out, and some just ditch their side covers.  It fits fine under the magnum side covers.  This is not compatible with the square bings.  If you are desperate for a PHBG filter, just cut off the first bit, get a larger hose clamp and you're set!! yeah!!

at least 4.25" long - 60mm OD - 17mm ID mounting diameter and made for squishing over the normal 20mm OD of a bing.

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4 of 5 Puch metal highflow filter May 12, 2018
taco eater : Tharan Mansell from Aptos, CA United States  
Clears Sears Free spirit side panels no problem. I used my " spready pliers " to loosen up the rubber prior to installing. A wee bit o grease and shazam!!!!

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4 of 5 Works great! April 29, 2018
taco eater : Trevor Christenson from Fort Collins, CO United States  
This air filter sounds great and my Moped has quit "4-stroking" on the top end. Does not fit under stock cover, you must cut a decent size hole but it does look pretty cool. I gave 4 stars because the quality of the rubber is a bit tacky. Probly have to replace every 1 or 2 years but for 14 bucks it's no biggy. Great part make sure you get this on your Puch!! Mine runs better flows much more air!

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5 of 5 If you like things that suck October 5, 2017
taco eater : Jacob Andrew Dodge from Cromwell, CT United States  
then this sucks so good. Works better than my foam I think?

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5 of 5 Happy Murray June 19, 2016
taco eater : Joseph Iannopollo from Lawrenceburg, IN United States  
The filter on my poor Murray was falling apart and had been really poorly repaired by the original owner. This thing has it running much much smoother! The seal holds a lot better than the old filter's and actually fits better under the side panels, whoa.

Some reviews say that the material isn't the best, and I've probably only put 50 miles on it so far, but if it crumbles later down the road, these are so cheap I wouldn't even be mad!

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3 of 5 Works well. November 25, 2015
taco eater : Hi I'm Andy from Santa Cruz, California  
8/22/2014 - Does it's job. My only slight problem is it's hard to get over the bing intake, as the hole in the intake tube is roughly handcut, but once it's on it'll probably stay on until the end of time. Hard to get on, hard to get off.  

Edit: Nov 2014 - The rear chrome part of the filter fell apart, I guess it came unglued or something, but now the filter doesn't sit right anymore. It still works, but you have to jam it in at an angle, since the chrome ring held it to the tube.

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