bing 17mm CLONE carburetor
bing 17mm clone carburetor



17mm bing clone carburetor Please be sure to get the right jets, it uses the square bing jets found here. if you wanna use your bing atomizer from your old stock carb you can do that and use regular bing jets. so you can get the most out of your new carb. comes with an unmarked jet. this is a dreamy hi quality CLONE, totally equal to the original, but aluminum quality is slightly lower so careful careful when you are tightening and loosening and just ya know playing around n stuff. euros love these things so why don't you? embrace the new world of cheapness and generic products, hmm. i remember when these used to appear back like hmm 5 years ago n they came from old chainsaws. i put one on my polini it was a ripper.

23.2mm ID for the intake 63.5mm OD for filter mount


the best mounting system for this carb is to use the 19mm ID Super Bing Shim These shims will allow you to fit a 17mm bing to most sha intakes with 19mm OD's. Just make sure you have room since the 17mm is physically much larger than the smaller bings due to the air filter mount

These carbs will NOT mount on any intakes we have without this above shim since their mounting ID is just slightly larger than VM18 mounting OD. You can use a homemade shim if you want or maybe your VM18 intake is slightly just slightly oversized. It is very close.

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4 of 5 hasnt cracked yet September 18, 2016
taco eater : nash brunelle from portsmouth, RI United States  
my bing 15 cracked at the tightening upgrade time... rips on my treats reed valve... I am doin the pepsi challenge with me friend who has almost the same build with dellorto 18... me thinks he might have a better low power? we are running the same exhaust, techno circuit...

aside from that , it rips... i like bing simple style...and i just taped/ziptie a chunk of t shirt sleeve for air filter... and u look badass cruisin with one sleeve...

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4 of 5 You need an insert air filter December 21, 2013
taco eater : Jens Troest from San Diego, CA United States  
Actually the OD of the intake is misleading. What you need to know is it is 60mm ID and you use an insert mesh filter on it.
Haven't run it yet but it is a solid build true to the original.
Will report back when it has been mounted.

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1 of 5 Air filter July 8, 2013
taco eater : Matt Miller from quincy, MA United States  
What size air filter do you get for these?!

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3 of 5 looks awesome June 20, 2013
taco eater : Anonymous Person from richmond , VA United States  
Haven't started it up with this on my ped yet but it looks massive, hope it sounds and performs as good as it looks

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3 of 5 anyone? January 6, 2012
taco eater : Anonymous Person from ga,  
anyone use these? i want to know if its worth it.

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