bing 14mm clone carburetor version XIV
bing 14mm clone carburetor



bing 14mm clone carburetor for puch mopeds!!!

These now use regular round bing jets like these here

comes with a 68 main jet in there already

just like the original..but 14mm and different style jets...but hey, its easier to read the numbers on the puch square bing jets anyway right???

or maybe you have a 14mm intake and want it to match up

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2 of 5 Far From Great January 6, 2021
taco eater : Brad from Chandler, AZ United States  
I thought I just got a lemon, but actually purchased two of them and they both had the same issues:
- Float needle never seats correctly so nearly impossible to get it not to leak
- Float is very cheap plastic compared to others
- Banjo bolt leaks and fuel line doesn't seat correctly
- Throttle spring is very long compared to other clone carbs and causes a tight throttle squeeze
- Port for the intake manifold is way to small and you actually have to pry it open and beat on it to slide in your intake
- The tightening screw for the intake manifold is installed backwards, so you have to completely remove it and re-install it correctly

I eventually got both of these carbs I purchased to work, but had to Frankenstein them with other carb parts to work properly and not leak.  For this being one of the most expensive clone carbs on the website, you would think you wouldn't have these issues.  The 12mm clone carb on the site is much less money and works flawless compared to this 14mm.

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