beefy black moped foot pegs
beefy black moped foot pegs


if your riding with a buddy or if you wanna remover your pedal cranks you'll need a pair of these!

16mm opening to mount + allen hex bolts lock it down.

beefy black aluminum stylin!

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5 of 5 italian stalli0n + amazing quality May 24, 2020
taco eater : Dinozor from Mt Umunhum  
these have actual good quality I must say I am surprised at the finish and quality. would have expected them to be great-looking (which they are !! ) due to them being so cool and I didn't know they would be from Italy. so turns out they're great. wow !

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5 of 5 Saweet! April 1, 2014
taco eater : Chris Prestopine from Thomasville, PA United States  
Ran these on my moby instead of the pedals due to running a circuit pipe. They mounted awesome and are great quality. So scoop them up!

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4 of 5 A little sanding, but worth it! November 11, 2013
taco eater : Snowbee from Winnterpeg, MB Canada  
Got these a month or so ago and waited to review.. when i first got them, I noticed they ARE BEEFY, they seem to have thicker walls than any other hollow pegs I've encountered but don't weigh an amazing amount (about as much as a set of bmx pegs) upon pulling off the pedal arms on my 50vMoby (or the snowbee) I found that the diameter of the stock crank is a bit to wide for the peg holes but not by much; as with a bit of sand paper and filing they were easily bashed on with a rubber mallet. After a few weeks I've had no problems and the finish on them still looks new despite my feet being firmly planted on them a few hrs a day. SIDE NOTE: a NOped isn't for everyone... there's a lot of pushing involved  to start it unless it's tuned perfect,and if you get stranded you don't get to pedal home (unless you're badass enough to carry a set of pedals everywhere!!)

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3 of 5 Hobbit PA50, tight tight fit. October 11, 2013
taco eater : DURTHED from Renton, WA United States  
These pegs look great, very beefy and bad ass looking.

I tried to install the on by Hobbit. It was not easy. I measured the opening and the crank arm. They both measured exactly the same size. a little sanding on the crank arm and some anti-seiz. Bang bang bang with my carpenters hammer and finally got them on. Don't bother with a rubber mallet.

Looks great, I would much rather have a tight fit, than a bunch of slop on my pegs.

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5 of 5 Burly AND swanky May 3, 2013
taco eater : Max Johnson from New Bedford, MA United States  
Went on the Girlfriend's 50V, they're Very attractive pegs, way better than the discount pegs.

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