MLM batavus laura M48 and M56 cnc'd aluminum reed block - COMPLETE assembly
MLM batavus laura M48 and M56 cnc'd aluminum reed block - COMPLETE assembly


here's what ya get in this PARTYYY!:

batavus laura m48 and M56 cnc'd aluminum performance reed block! much larger than the original thus allowing for a higher volume of atomizer fuel air mixture to excitingly rush into the crankshaft area, ready to be transported to the combustion chamber via transfer ports where it will be vigorously ignited, releasing precious joules of energy soon to be translated into forward motion.

this is the complete assemblY! you get the reed block, two reed stops, 4 bolts and two 0.30mm reeds! ready to assemble!! be sure to use some thread locker on the bolts when assembling.

bonus round 2020 - we include one extra bolt for you!!!

32mm center to center stud holes
6.3mm stud holes
23mm x 17mm base
26mm overall length

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5 of 5 V What he said July 20, 2021
taco eater : Das Booty from Newport, RI United States  
The below post pretty much sums it up, cut off the wings except for the part where the bracket holds the petals on.  Use blue loctite on the little threads to help hold them.  Helps my batavus get more fuel to accelerate and actually have life.

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5 of 5 Give me that LoUd November 13, 2020
taco eater : Moderately fast bat from Santa Cruz, CA United States  
Made my bike accelerate like a mf'er. the reed block is insanely high quality. The carbon reeds flap-like hummingbird wings. The only issue is that those metal flappy things are too big to fit inside the engine. With them on, the reeds wouldn't move once it was placed in the engine. I had to cut them down to just be a small mounting bracket. After I did that they worked better than I expected. My bike accelerates much faster. Top speed is a little better. Main thing is these boys make my bike loud af. Sounds like a dirt bike when you're hitting 30. Don't know if that's a good thing yet, we will see what my neighbors say....

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