banana blaster pipe - clear coat
banana blaster pipe - clear

alternate reality price $140.00


performance exhaust for any mopeds ya wanna put it on. this is a hack n weld type pipe mostly!! ! they all feature huge headers and insane performance, exactly what type of performance is up to you, the people, to determine as these have just hit the streets!

rear bracket isnt really designed to fit anything in particular, so be prepared to use your bracketry skills and/or hack n weld.

has a slip fit type header so u can rotate the pipe and get things to line up easier.

word just in: "even though I crashed on this pipe four times this month, it still performs better than any estoril!" Round -bad dude San Francisco mopederrr

This model is NOT recommended for angled exhaust ports, it will come up waaay to high in the back!

total pipe length inc. baffle approx 40 inches

comes out on the right side!

header ID = 28mm
flange bolt hole spacing = 45mm center to center
stud holes are slightly slotted measuring 7mm x 9mm long
the stud pattern on the flange fits derbi perfecto

available in many beautiful colors. they are guaranteed to have scratches and nicks in the paint from their long journey around the world to treats.

the paint is guaranteed to discolor/flake off around the header area with use. this is normal!

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