amsoil saber professional synthetic two stroke oil - 1 quart
amsoil saber professional synthetic two stroke oil

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saber professional new smokeless formula! the ultimate small engine 2-cycle lubricant!

amsoil synthetic 100:1 pre-mix 2-cycle oil is recommended for all water-cooled and air-cooled pre-mix applications. a mix ration of 100:1 is recommended for normal duty service in applications such as motorcycles, mopeds, outboard motors, snowmobiles, weed eaters, lawn mowers and chain saws. for "severe service" applications, richer mix ratios of 50:1 to 80:1 are recommended. these include racing motors and hot operating workhorse motors that continuously run for extended periods of time.

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1 quart

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5 of 5 Simply the best April 27, 2017
taco eater : Chris Bergmann from Caldwell, NJ United States  
If I could replace my blood with Amsoil Saber I would. In fact I've main-lined it a few times with great results. Do yourself a favor and pick up some saber and use it in everything you own.

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5 of 5 Puch Maxi Sport e50 May 27, 2016
taco eater : Bob Brockett from Brooklyn, NY United States  
Run it at 70:1 and you wont regret it! I watched engine temps previous to using amsoil go from a solid 400 degrees down to 325 at max temps.

If you're thinking about it, DO IT, and stop running the crap you're using now.

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5 of 5 mix ratio depends on YOUR engine TOLERENCES!!! April 12, 2015
taco eater : Motobecane majjic from SC  
1. all engines have different original "tightness" specs
2. all older Mopes like Tomos and Motobecane are "loose"
3. take your STOCK mix ratio and 2x = 100% synthetic mix ratio Old 25:1 = new 50:1 or 2.6 oz per gallon.
4. this only works with 100% synth mix, NOT PART SYNTH OR OTHER BS LABELS
5. the 100:1 on the label is ONLY for (like) new chainsaws that START AT 50:1 and are very "tightly" built inside clearances
Just dont run it toooo thin. Now, you dont have to buy and change motor oil so comon, mix it 50:1!

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5 of 5 luv December 11, 2014
taco eater : Matt Madden from Centennial, CO United States  
previous poster has a problem with this oil...not it 100:1 on all my peds...even new kits i run 100:1...ok maybe 80:1 but then they go straight back to 100:1...good stuff...tuning correctly helps too!

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1 of 5 SNAKE OIL! July 30, 2014
taco eater : Sarah Baskin from LAKE SAINT LOUIS, MO USA  
Does not work at 70/1 80/1 or 100/1 You will have to run this shit 50/1 if you know how to tune at all and do not want to seize. At 50/1 this is overpriced and you are better off running anything else because you may read the bottle one day. Then you decide to try 80/1 or 100/1 like the bottle suggests and HARD SEIZE!

****** DO NOT BUY******

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