airsal PEUGEOT 103 engine case
airsal PEUGEOT 103 engine case




new peugeot moped airsal engine case with bearings and seals installed! comes with hardware and other stuff too!!! including: engine studs + case gasket + all the case bolts, washers and nuts! complete set!!

this version of the peugeot case has the small side transfers and the boost port ready to go, which US cases do not have, like a third eye, sorta.

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4 of 5 Better then Teknix, still not perfect.... July 26, 2021
taco eater : Ascoute of the Zeros from Toledo, OH United States  
The quality of these is pretty nice! The inner lip is also well cast, the intake port is also a hair larger then stock or teh Teknix. The hardware provided is also better quality, the studs on Teknix tend to strip these are more solid, though all the provided case bolts need to be cut down. My cases also had one of the holes on the ignition side miss-tapped, which was easily reminded with an m6 tap, over all I'd choose these for my next motor!

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