XTREME buddy egg MASTER duoseat with BACKREST for a comfy ride
XTREME buddy egg MASTER duoseat with BACKREST for a comfy ride



duo buddy seat for attaching to your back rack for keeping your buddy or sweetheart close, but not too close. rad black and black style. with very very classy & comfy backrest for proving that you are a cool person. plus there's even a lil grab rail in the front! like an amusment park ride without the nausea!! you can even remove the backrest with the simple loosening of 2 bolts. amazing. this is the lifestyle choice of the refined. should mount up to peugeot racks, um, maybe other ones too? mounts to maxi racks perfecto but you'll break/bend it unless its a small child riding on it. check photos or make it work somehow. pop it on for a romantic ride then pop it off when your done. by far the superior solution to takin a buddy somewhere.

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4 of 5 Bolted right onto my express! December 14, 2020
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The back rest leather for the seat doesn't fit the wire frame nicely so I may just run the seat without it if I am going for looks. All I need is to find a site that sells GFs ;(

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