USED puch ZA50 case - WITH oil injection
USED puch ZA50 case - WITH oil injection

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this is a used part from an original puch za50 two speed engine. may be a little worn from being in some moped of the past but it is a functioning engine part. no complaining!!

check the diagram in the pictures to see what exact piece it is.

this is the oil-injection type za50 case. each one we have is slightly different, some may have the dowels on the clutch cover, some stray ol' crusty seals, or a few crunchy bearings, but they all have a drive shaft (where you put the sprocket on)

this one also has a crankshaft, wow im excited. like i just got a geo metro with 89k miles excited..

most likely replace ALL the bearings and you should be good to start building!

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