USED puch E50 cases - polini case match
USED puch E50 cases - polini case match



USED puch E50 cases..... i think that's all i have to say...wait! there's more!

this set is case matched for polini! looks like whoever did the work got 80% of the way there and did not finish all the way. now you can have some fun and smooth out the 20% left and have a fresh set of cases! NOT THE SAME MATCH AS THE ONES IN THE PHOTO!

everything works... no stripped bolt holes... in used condition... get yourself some bolts... take a serious bath... get stoked!

no whiney plz. these are used cases, we're not gonna clean em for ya.

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5 of 5 I guess you could say... October 8, 2021
taco eater : tread on me pls from EMERYVILLE, CA United States  
this is an 80% lower..............

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