USED batavus M56 50cc cylinder - no piston
USED batavus M56 50cc cylinder - no piston




USED original 50cc cylinder for batavus m56 engines!!

cylinder will need a good cleaning! no piston included! a lot of these we had hanging around were corroded and un-runable. we carefully inspected each one, honed and double checked to ensure they were usable. these are now ready to go! you'll just need the right piston...hmmmmm.

our garelli pistons will work but they are a mm or so too long. i'd just shave down the piston skirt and make it work tbh...

the stock batavus piston is 48.8mm long from the tip of the dome to the end of the skirt...

one garelli piston...(this one is a tad short and might actually work as it....)
two garelli piston...

no returns!!

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