USED 17" confuser mag wheel set in white
USED 17" confuser mag wheel set in white

alternate reality price $142.99

 :*sorry none today*

"starfish" grey mags for rad dudes...

these are missing things, a bit rusty, but are actually a pretty good set of wheels despite the inside!!

comes with 12mm rear loose axle, missing some of the loose bearings and needs repacking, a bit rusty but probably useable. id get a new one and convert to sealed...has brake plate with pads made for peugeot swingarms!!

rear does NOT have pedal sprocket!

front has brake plate with pads, 11mm SEALED axle

does NOT come with sprocket, uses 94mm rear sprockets but you will have to drill holes since they all dont line up

the rims have some few dents here and there, but nothing too bad. dont expect new wheels, these are used and there will be things you find and dont like

for peugeot, but easy mod for mbk and puch with brake plate mod! theyre 80mm hubs so you can just pop a puch one on if you want

no returns sorry!

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