Stage6 streetrace 70cc cast iron cylinder kit - piaggio LC
Stage6 streetrace 70cc cast iron cylinder kit - piaggio LC



Stage6 Cylinder Kit 70cc Streetrace Piaggio LC, powerful cast iron cylinder for everyday riding.

The Streetrace is a lower-priced version the popular Sport Pro aluminium cylinder. Reliable and powerful, this is the perfect cylinder kit for everyday use, with great torque and increased top speed for maximum riding pleasure.

Transfer port layout with 6 ports plus 1 simple exhaust port is basically identical to the more powerful 70cc Sport Pro kit, it was slightly modified to meet the thermal requirements of a cast iron cylinder. The cylinder comes with a high quality 2-ring piston and a HC cylinder head. Maintenance and adjustment are easy, and of course you will find all necessary spare parts in our shop.

Performance characteristics are similar to the Sport Pro - powerful take-offs and acceleration, with an engine speed of approx. 10,000 rpm, with up to 8 - 11 hp, which is 1 - 3 hp more than comparable cylinders. Of course, the cylinder can only unleash its full potential when combined with the matching components, you will find some recommendations below.

47mm diameter bore
12mm wrist pin

includes everything in the photos plus gaskets, wrist pin, clips, and some hardware.

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