Stage6 reinforced 107mm clutch BELL - aerox / nitro
Stage6 reinforced 107mm clutch BELL - aerox / nitro


stage 6 racing 107mm clutch bell for yamaha aerox and mbk nitro aka minarelli horizontal.

Being CNC-manufactured from one piece, this clutch bell has a very high precision, which raises this part over its conventional, pressed colleagues. The Stage6 R/T CNC Clutch Bells are available in three versions that vary in design and weight; thus it is now possible to influence torque and engine characteristics through the choice of the clutch bell. The designation on the bell (433, 450 or 479) shows the weight in gramme with a tolerance of 3 gramme. The cooling ring has been turned into the part instead of simply shrunk onto it, as it is the case with conventional versions. Thanks to the three bores in the cooling jacket, you can now adjust the clutch engagement of Stage6 Torque Control MK I/II without having to remove the bell.

107mm ID

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