Stage6 OVERSIZE variator - piaggio
Stage6 OVERSIZE variator - piaggio


stage 6 oversize variator assembly!! this is for piaggio NRG / typhoon

The roller tracks were optimized for use with R/T engines, for 6 roller weights (19x15.5mm - 3.5g). Shifting and rev characteristics are smoothed and even, acceleration at all speeds is improved. CNC-machined high-precision angles are then given a special ceramic coating that preserves surface characteristics for extended life expectance and optimum grip. Blast cleaning, as is customary for steel pulleys, is not necessary; it only becomes necessary when the coating shows noticeable signs of wear. The centre area of the ramp plate was reinforced and the sintered bushing provides makes for optimal lubrication.

The variator is equipped wit 6 roller weights (19x15.5mm - 3.5g) and comes with a special R/T fan wheel (plastic, removable, for example for drag races) and a reinforced racing torque spring. Special variator holding tools can be purchased separately.

It's perfectly fine to use this oversized vario with standard torque drivers, but to unlock its full potential, we strongly recommend using it with the Stage6 R/T oversize torque drive and oversize drive belt

The variator kit comes without star washer. Please use the original washer

variator oversize
drive face / fan wheel
roller weights 19x15.5mm - 3.5g
torque spring medium

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