Stage6 OVERSIZE contra assembly - piaggio
Stage6 OVERSIZE contra - piaggio - 5614018


stage 6 oversize contra assembly!! this is for piaggio / peugeot

Unlike conventional torque drivers that are manufactured from steel, this part consists of forged aluminium halves that are screwed to a guide piece. The halves have been CNC-machined, which guarantees high precision, especially of the surface angle. Special attention has been paid to ensure an ideal surface roughness, as this has major influences on shifting characteristics. At the end of the manufacturing process, the surface structure is protected by applying a thick ceramic coating, so that the surface characteristics can be preserved as long as possible.

Advantages of the modular construction include the reduced heat built-up, the noticeably lower weight and the possibility to replace individual components.

The CVT uses a guide bushing with 38/41 angles. Other guide bushing with angles of 39/42 or 37/40 are separately available. This feature is also something new for a CVT system, opening up a range of possibilities.

Using this oversize torque-driver only makes sense in conjunction with an oversize variator and an oversize drive belt. Stage6 recommends using the respective R/T products, but the torque driver can also be used with products of other manufacturers.

stage 6 part # 5614018

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