sachs moped athena 80cc reed valve kit - 48mm
Sachs athena 80cc 48mm reed kit



sachs 48mm 80cc athena reed valve cylinder for 504 and 505. This thing is beastly and for sure serious madness. Includes PHBG and SHA intakes, reed block with crummy metal reeds (get the boyesen carbon reeds in the store if you get this) and all that other stuff in the photo. Of interest is that I think the bennasar pipes mount right onto the cylinder if you don't use the included flange, ohh or maybe it was the zen derbi pipes, i can't remember sorry and I don't know what kinda effect that is going to have either hmm. For sure be prepared for fun, anger, frustration and hi speeds if you get this one.

get yourself a replacement piston here!

use ES long thread plug

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5 of 5 destroyer of worlds. May 15, 2011
taco eater : moped wizard from space  
well, lets face it if you get this and slap it onto your 505/1a, b,c, or d your going to run into some issues, however it can be done.
step 1- carbon reeds, duh.
step 2-drill and tap that clutch spline.
step 3- get an mvt premium cdi on there.
step 4- get a 7 peice clutch
step 5- aluminum motor mounts
step 6- regear
step 7- destroy everyone

but if your running a 2 speed, or a three speed like myself, get ready for instant insanity.
also, port this if you can.

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4 of 5 wow October 14, 2010
taco eater : Will Daloz from Atlanta, GA United States  
I use this for high speeds and sadness. it makes for lots of failures.
destroyed a crank with it already, blew up the clutches too. I founf the best fix is to drill and tap a set screw into the clutch toothed gear piece so it's locked to the crankshaft.

also hot.

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4 of 5 RRRRRRRRRRrrrr May 28, 2010
taco eater : MBartell from Eugene, OR United States  
Good quality kit, only minor clean up needed on the jug itself.  Lots of power, lots of vibration, it broke the flywheel off my crankshaft.  Further research needed.

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4 of 5 AHHHH ! November 23, 2009
taco eater : Graham Motzing from Milwaukee, WI United States  
This kit just melted my face.

and my clutch.

insane for sure.

replace the reeds because they WILL break.

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