SRS polyurethane garelli NOI clutch
SRS polyurethane garelli NOI clutch



SRS performance polyurethane clutch pad for your garelli NOI one speed moped! featuring a slightly higher durometer PU compound for increased clutch stall! perfect for kitted and performance oriented setups.

direct drop in design can be used with pretty much any transmission fluid ya want!! this clutch was tested extensively with a wide range of different fluids and has held up without swelling or degrading. rejoice, as you are no longer stuck using antiquated 20w or 30w non-detergent oil!! we do suggest you use a fluid that is resistant to high heat like dexron III or similar. fluids designed for ktm 50sx like two2cool work well!! oh, and you do not need to pre-soak this clutch, just be sure to lightly oil it prior to installation.

includes 6 starter plate bushings as well!!

***note this is for single speed NOI engines! it will NOT work on two speed NOI, VIP, team, etc.***

these only come in yellow!!!

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5 of 5 Get this in your garelli now! January 20, 2024
taco eater : Jay Rivett from Louisville, KY United States  
Game changer for garelli.  If you missed the boat in the hammer clutch then this is your next best option.  

Get that clutch stall your garelli has been missing.  I can pull off faster than stock tomos with this clutch.  E50 has a tough time keeping up off the line.  Just find your favorite oil cuz you are no longer limited to 30wND.  I have liked the classic type f ATF in mine so far.  Get that trick shift in it and blast!  Heat fade is still a thing but, it still feels great thru a whole ride compared to the stock rubber.

Get this today!

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