SHA 15mm RUNTONG clone carburetor - lever choke
SHA 15mm runtong clone carburetor - lever choke



15mm SHA style carburetor for putting on whatever your heart desires. in classic SHA clone carb styling this carburetor features the finest of pot metal casting so be gentle with the float bowl, top cap and clamp bolts.

19mm ID shim! fits regular SHA shims with a 21mm OD in case you need a lil sha shim reduction.

uses standard 5mm dellorto jets and comes with the classic clone carb no number jet. could be 50? could be 100? could be 1? who knows!

does not include air filter/cover/clip

***no returns on this except new/unused, sorry dudes!***

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4 of 5 Better than youd expect March 18, 2018
taco eater : Derek Allison from Sellersburg, IN United States  
I have one of these and it works well I had no issues with it other than if you use the provided top and 90 degree for throttle you can fit the side covers on right on a a35 it runs and idles fine you shouldn't use the slide from your 14/12 as it is not wide enough but every other part will work fine other than the choke as its mounted different on the cheap on. Get the Dakar and get something that's better its what I'm going to do why cheap out on a carb like I did and not be satisfied....

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3 of 5 Problems after a month September 22, 2017
taco eater : Barry Hart from Valdosta, GA United States  
I had to file down the elbow inlet. I 3d printed an intake to put this on an 81 Express. It worked great for the first month and then wouldn't idle. It would rev too high... like it was sucking air from somewhere. I Plasti-dipped the intake, but that wasn't it. Carb still wouldn't function correctly. Scrapped it and bought an MLM intake and Mikuni. Runs like a champ now.

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5 of 5 Attack of the Clones September 11, 2017
taco eater : Aidan from West Roxbury, MA United States  
Awesome carb, regardless of the price. Works all the same as a regular SHA, used it on my urban express. Only con is that the idle is a bit rich so you'll have to tune your idle with a different slide - you'll run the same risk if you use the genuine one. Ran it with a stocko shocko cylinder but decided it was slightly too small for it, so I'm going to upgrade to a PHBG clone. I can definitely say I'd be much more reluctant to do so if it were a "real" SHA.

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4 of 5 Great bang for the buck September 4, 2017
taco eater : Frank Bailey from Pittsburgh, PA United States  
Bought one of these and finally installed it on a V1.  Stock cylinder, exhaust opened to 24MM, Techno Circuit pipe and 64 jet. Runs great, GPS says 36MPH.  Idles perfect.  Had to shim to fit the intake and added an O ring to seal.  If you don't mind fiddling a bit, this is a GREAT less than $20 carb.  Might drill the old 14/12 and get the same result. If you can't drill, buy this!

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3 of 5 Cheapest possible upgrade for a 14.12 July 22, 2017
taco eater : Anonymous Person from Ontario, Canada  
I bought this carb because of the price and because I knew my 14.12 parts would fit.

Issue#1- The top gasket was warped out of the box so it was impossible to seal, the corner was also torn. Solution was to use my old gasket.

Issue#2- My throttle cable would not fit properly without the throttle hanging when released. I used the top, elbow, and spring from my old 14.12 and this allowed the slide to completely close when released.

Issue#3- The slide provided had a very steep angle cut onto it, and it was causing me to be too lean in the lower throttle ranges. I used my old slide with no angle and throttle response is much nicer.

Issue#4- I knew I was going to have to replace the shim trying to put this onto a stock Tomos 15mm intake. I was able to remove the old shim from the 14.12 no problem. However the shim in this 15.15 was super glued in there. So I had to heat up a knife and cut it out in sections, then clean up the area. With my old shim it sealed up perfectly.

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