SHA 15mm CLONE carburetor
SHA 15mm clone carburetor
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these cloned 15mm  SHA carburetors have cable choke, they have a mixture screw in addition to the normal idle screw, not to mention the 19mm shim that fits puch, peugeot, motobecane, whatever. oh, and they're super cheap! The shims fit but they aren't the same quality as dellorto ones, so grab one if ya like.  One of the SHA carbs great weaknesses has been the lack of tuning ability...but the mixture screw should help out on that, score! Uses the regular dellorto 5mm jets, lil tight at first but they work fine.  

***no returns on this except new/unused, sorry dudes!***

from the depths of ancient europe

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Crazy idle issues June 23, 2011
taco eater : Erik from MA  
Nothing but headaches with this carb.  Never sealed up right even with formagasket and a new shim. The moby would only idle at a speed higher than I would like and then would just wind up to WOT.  Hit the breaks, and it'd calm down for a little bit and then do it all over again.       Swapped it out for a real Dellorto and the bike idles nice and low like it's supposed to.  Do yourself a favor and drop the extra cash on the real thing.

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worth it June 17, 2011
taco eater : Steve from new bedford ma.  
i have used about ten of these now, on moby's mainly but some other bikes. mix screw is a nice thing to have, quality is of coarse not as good as dellorto but i have yet to have any leaks or probs, and one is on a daily rider. just be easy when tightening screws tho and, removing sleeves.

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ascoute September 9, 2010
taco eater : andrew scouten from toledo, OH United States  
i wish i would have red the above comment, i slapped one of these on my monza to upgrade from the 14 12 sha, and to my surprise between myself and many other riders we could not for our life get this carb to idle properly!

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well i liked it.. August 6, 2010
taco eater : wade t smith from columbus, OH United States  
more tunable than the dell counterpart, it seemed to give better top end than an identical setup w/the dell 15.  

but i sold the bike.  im unsure as to long term.

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spend a few extra for the real thing June 1, 2010
taco eater : andy haldeman from Lancaster, PA United States  
i hate to give a bad review because everything treats has ever done is for good and not evil, but the quality of this clone is just..poor. float bowl gasket is too big and never seats right so it's always leakin somewhere, the mixture screw is a nice thought but it really creates some serious headaches because it vibrates loose and screws with your mixture. and the shim is seriously worthless. wouldn't seal on a puch sha or moby shorty sha intake, but seals fine with the REAL dellorto shim. spend a few extra and buy a real 15.15.

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