SHA 15mm DAKAR carburetor
SHA 15mm DAKAR carburetor



these cloned 15mm SHA carburetors have cable choke, they have a mixture screw in addition to the normal idle screw, not to mention the 19mm shim that fits puch, peugeot, motobecane, whatever. oh, and they're super cheap! The shims fit but they aren't the same quality as dellorto ones, so grab one if ya like. One of the SHA carbs great weaknesses has been the lack of tuning ability...but the mixture screw should help out on that, score! Uses the regular dellorto 5mm jets, lil tight at first but they work fine.

MAD TIPS YO - the float height can be a tad too high on these outta the box and can cause fuel starvation at high speed for long stretches. since its got a plastic float which is non-adjustable, the best way to fix it is to file a small amount off the TOP of the float needle thus allowing the float to sit more level.

***no returns on this except new/unused, sorry dudes!***

made by DAKAR!

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5 of 5 The best, just needs a little love June 24, 2022
taco eater : Christopher Straub from Harrisonburg, VA United States  
The best SHA iteration!  And don’t file down that nice new float needle tip, just tapitty-tap-tap-tap that brass inlet sleeve home!,4084459,4085972,flat=1#msg-4085972

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4 of 5 It works! December 19, 2020
taco eater : Ronald Kujawa from GLENDALE, AZ United States  
The slide was sticking a little, so I took a small hand file to that for a minute or two. Easy fix. The black cap wants to go on crooked, but it's not terrible to line it up. One question, when you say "file the float needle" are you referring to taking material off the point side?

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3 of 5 Do you have hams for hands? March 30, 2018
taco eater : Steve Brown from cambridge, MA United States  
Decent clone but if you’re a hamfisted mechanic like me then you will want the real deal. Had to file slides...nothing moves smooth unless you give it love. Im hamfisted so the slides never fit right....

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4 of 5 need luv to get it blast September 28, 2016
taco eater : PicNic Mopeds from Québec, QC Canada  
nice carburetor for the right price. file the needle to adjust the fleet to the perfect level
otherwise lack of gas when we take long deep

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5 of 5 Dope carb we got here mang June 5, 2016
taco eater : Anonymous Person from van down by the river  
It's a real dellorto for the fake dellorto price! Use mix and slide adjusters to dial it in just right. Works very well. No leaky encarwi with this thang. Mo power too

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