SACRE cases for VESPA piaggio the ultimate tuner's dream
SACRE cases for VESPA piaggio the ultimate tuner's dream

alternate reality price $500.00

 :*sorry none today*

wow. today is an amazing day for vespa speed freakz. the very limited, small qty SACRE cases for vespa piaggio mopeds have arrived!! i don't even know where to begin with this...they are absolutely insane. hand cast in italy.

these cases accept minarelli horizontal crankshafts and cylinders. yes. that's right.

build this properly and make the 100cc simo engine look like a solex.

the transfers, as you can see from the photos, are unfinished (well the sides are good but the top transfer is def not) this is so you can match your cases perfectly to the 20+ hp scooter kit you're gonna run.

these cases are for ultimate tuner gurus. there will be about 10,004 obstacles in ur way to get this on you bike. you will most definitely have to hack and weld the frame.

includes a 28mm ID (35mm OD) intake but no reed block!

includes an ignition adapter plate for selettra minarelli horizontal ignitions!

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