SACHS super special STARTER / DECOMP cable
SACHS super special STARTER / DECOMP cable


what have you been doing with your sachs before this cable?? i dont wanna know!!!

brand new specially made cable that splits into a mini little cable at the end that goes between the decomp an starter lever so when you give er a pull, it opens up both at the same time! WOW thats some sick tech!!

even has some weird shtuff going on at the cable nub for a special fit in the starter lever. amazeballs! or something

never before seen, finally, here for tha PPL !!! you a person? then yep thats you!

35" long total housing including both segments
42" cable inner
longer housing is 31.5"
shorter housing is 3.5"
end nub is 12mm long, 5.5mm diameter and steps down to 4.3mm diameter

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