puch 80cc metrakit small port cylinder kit
Puch 80cc metrakit small port kit

alternate reality price $339.99

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puch 80cc metrakit, including cylinder, head, gaskets, piston, piston rings, wrist pin and clipos

these kits, unlike others, require engine case modification to even fit into the case. don't fool yourself and think anything is going to fit on easy. not for rookies, mostly for gurus.

you'll have to use a pipe like the homoet 8p designed for angled exhaust ports (or hack and reweld), a different intake to get the carb away from the stifling frame, a huge carb, etc. etc.

this piston uses rings of the dykes ring (L ring) variety. iron bore sleeve, with oversize pistons available should you encounter any hmm, in this case, non fatal seizures. yep.

*photo is of the large port* also these two kits we found are when metra was really on point! the casting on the cylinder is the best i have ever seen, must have been a early batch.

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crazy fast June 22, 2010
taco eater : todd brewer from Lincoln, NE United States  
Lots of low end torque, yet still reaches low 60's.  Best kit for fat people.  Pair it with the proma circuit if you have the skills and ride wheelies to impress your friends, just dont let mom catch you.

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