puch 50cc hi hi compression head
Puch 50cc Hi compression head



puch high compression head for any and all puch mopeds.

used with great success on polini, malossi, metra (65) and stock

add this to a stock cylinder for increased compression, and a subtle increase in all around power

bolts on all puch engines, tomos, and yamaha chappy too!

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5 of 5 Slip it on ya QT50. October 10, 2014
taco eater : George Sass from Somerville, MA United States  
Definitely gives your engine a muffin-top, but fins clear the frame and footpeg cage with no grinding required.  Slap on the right B*HS plug and take off...slightly faster.

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5 of 5 Vroom Vroom. April 4, 2014
taco eater : Samuel Schiff from Oneonta, NY United States  
I had a newport with stripped plug threads, so I bought this on a whim.  With a 12 mm carb and 54 jet, the thing screams!  Can't complain.  And its a lot shinier than the old one...

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5 of 5 sweeet September 9, 2013
taco eater : Mike A from Fort Collins, CO United States  
i already had a hi hi comp head on my bike. i ordered this as a replacement because my spark plug threads were starting to get beat up.

when i took the old head off, and compared them side by side, they were almost identical. same fins, same color, etc. but the combustion chambers were ever so slightly different. this ones was slightly smaller.

i slapped it on my motor with a new head gasket and could feel a definite performance increase in my entire power band. even got about 1mph more on the top end.

temps stayed right around where they were with my old head (275-325).

very happy!

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2 of 5 Hi Torque Clone with High Temps May 18, 2013
taco eater : bababooey from pa  
This is a clone of the "Hi Torque" series stock head.  My ZA50 had the same exact head on it.  I put this on an E50 that was already a 2HP model and didn't notice an extreme difference on takeoff (which is what I was hoping for) but there is more mid-range.  As stated in the product description, it is subtle but it is there.

The worst part was the having some idle and take off issues after the bike was warmed up.  After much fooling around I noticed the bike was getting extremely hot.  So hot that it was overheating the condenser and cutting the spark at take off.  I put the original head back on and everything is okay again.

If you want to play around with timing or mounting an external condenser it might be worth it to you.  Otherwise, I'm happy with my stock head.

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5 of 5 Super Duper on an A55 May 2, 2013
taco eater : Matthew Stoddard from ATL  
After gearing out to 27x22 I had been looking for ways to get my torque back and this was PERFECT! I haven't dialed in squish via head gaskets yet, but even still I'm hitting the same top speeds as before and getting there in like 2/3 the time. or 1/2 the time? I dunno man, it's fast now.

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