vespa athena 38.4mm kit - 12pin
vespa athena 38.4mm kit



wow it's the vespa athena 38.4mm kit! this kit has some pretty amazing porting! auxiliary boost ports on the exhaust, amazing side transfers! this kit should be pretty amazing.. comes with cylinder, piston, two rings, wrist pin, clips, base gasket and stickers. sorry no head with this one baby!

drop this in your stock case with only port matching to complete. seriously rad, no case boring. bolt and go. no problem using your stock head or for more more more go with a high compression head .

12mm wrist pin size -that's the size of wrist pin in millimeters.

vespa mopeds - bravo, grande, si, kinetic, tfr - this will fit on any of these!


get a replacement piston HERE!

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rockin 50cc blasty as fuck! June 21, 2014
taco eater : casserollers tyler from Minneapolis, MN United States  
This thing is so amazing, big transfers, crazy boosters... High revving stuff! I built this thing with an uncut crank and dismissed it as a turd, now two years later I tried again with a cut mazz crank and it riiiiiips! Don't make my mistake, if you run it, modify your intake timing!!!! the 41mm version is identical, but I have seen two of them break skirts due to very thin material. Do yourself a flavor and stick to the 38mm. If you know what you're doing this will be blastier than your boring ole dr kit.

TL;DR- this kit is the sex.

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